Blockchain meets
real gameplay

Built on Ethereum blockchain, Dragonereum is a cryptocollectible
player vs. player game, allowing users to collect,
breed and battle unique dragons.


What is Dragonereum?

Dragonereum is a cryptocollectible, decentralized game, allowing users to own, trade and interbreed dragons. Compete with other dragons for the right to earn rewards and achievements. The game is stored and computed on blockchain, meaning it’s open, trusted and decentralized.

Interbreedable dragons

Choose from eleven interbreedable dragon types. Weigh up the pros and cons of each type, choose your dragon and start breeding.

On-chain genetics and fights

Our genetic and fighting algorithms are computed on-chain. All results are verifiable and secure. Rest assured that the results cannot be altered by any third party.

Unique user experience

The in-game currency and system of rewards and achievements creates a unique user experience that’s tailored around your decisions.

Built for community

We aim to give you the first truly decentralized digital scarcity game. We will gradually pass decision making over to our users, who can use in-game currency as a token for governance.


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Unlike the majority of cryptogames, with Dragonereum, you can still enjoy the features of real gameplay. Make no mistake, Dragonereum has it all: breeding, fighting, in-game cryptocurrency and a limited dragon population.